It has been over a decade since the existence of Blu-ray discs. Is Blu-ray getting more and more popular? Has Blu-ray already left its predecessor DVD far behind? Does the sales of Blu-ray discs surpass that of DVD? I am afraid that answers to those questions are an absolute “No”.

After the release of Blu-ray in 2006, Blu-ray was once set as the standard for home video entertainment. Thanks to its ultra high definition, Blu-ray was warmly welcomed by movie fans all around the globe. However, Blu-ray is not as popular as expected. Although Blu-ray is far clearer in screen definition and Blu-ray disc contains more data that its DVD counterpart, the sales of Blu-ray disc cannot match that of DVD disc. Instead, the Blu-ray sales has stagnated in recently years, and we have not seen much improvement. In comparison, DVD still enjoys its great popularity like it did before.


The highest quality definition Blu-ray disc offers cannot guarantee the popularity of Blu-ray, and Blu-ray fails to leave DVD behind. The reasons as to why Blu-ray is not as popular as people expect might be a little complicated, but here I make a list of several reasons.

  1. High price of Blu-ray disc/player

Containing more data and providing ultra high definition video content, Blu-ray disc costs more for sure. The average price of Blu-ray disc is $30 while DVD disc, having the same features as the Blu-ray disc, costs $20 on average. For some people who just want to watch the movie, they do not think it is wise to spend $10 more, which is especially the case in comedies or other films as they do not have special effects like 3D technology. On the other hand, the price of a Blu-ray player on average will be double that of a DVD player. Although we can switch to Blu-ray player software like Leawo Free Blu-ray Player, we need to install a Blu-ray drive on our computer, and the Blu-ray drive also costs much money. Therefore the high price of Blu-ray decreases the popularity of Blu-ray disc. For many people, they prefer DVD to Blu-ray.


  1. Limitation of Blu-ray discs

Blu-ray discs have limitation for playback. On one hand, to play Blu-ray on computer, you need to install a Blu-ray drive considering that many modern computers and laptops are equipped with a DVD drive only, and then to play Blu-ray content with the help of a piece of Blu-ray player software. Computer’s lack of the Blu-ray drive makes Blu-ray discs not as popular as DVD discs among computer users. On the other hand, to play Blu-ray movie on HD TV, you need to make use of a Blu-ray player device. Not every household owns a Blu-ray player. But for DVD player, it is different. It is reported that every household in the USA owns at least one DVD player, and the DVD format has become the standard of video entertainment.


  1. Advanced and mature video streaming technology

Nowadays, online video streaming companies such as Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, are becoming more and more popular. Accordingly, their video streaming technology is much improved. Not limited to HD movies, 4K UHD movies can be streamed from online to your 4K television set in your living room. Without going to Blu-ray stores or shopping online, people can directly watch high definition movies while lying on couch at home. In order to win market share, video streaming companies is lowering the price of streaming media, and at the same time improving the quality of the media.

Blu-ray discs are expected to win some market share that once belonged to DVD discs. However, things did not go as we wish. Most people are reluctant to spend extra $10 on per disc, and the high price of a Blu-ray player device prevents them from trying new media. The incompatibility of Blu-ray discs also affects the popularity of Blu-ray although there is increase in quality and sound. As video streaming technology is getting maturer, it is estimated that there will be less of a need for physical media. The convenience of streaming video makes directly watching UHD movie content while lying on couch possible. Taking three reasons mentioned above into consideration, we can naturally accept the fact that Blu-ray is not as popular as expected.



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